Monday, April 27, 2015

Karaoke Kit

If you wish to know more about what I've written below you should try Karaoke Hire London - when used with a home theater system or computer. The mixer allows the music dubbing voices of two people, through two vocal microphones. The set includes two microphones, a small mixer, providing the possibility of a professional, vocal reverb settings and adjusting the volume of the microphones, as well as connection cable 3xRCA-3xRCA (RCA).

The kit can be connected to both the computer and the TV and DVD player. How does it work?

- home theater (DVD and TV)
Originally DVD or home theater is connected to the TV via Scart output or 3x chinch on (red and white for stereo audio and yellow for video). Newer devices can be hooked up via HDMI cable - then you need to connect the equipment in a different way (more on that below). End of the cable to disconnect from the TV and strapped to the input (IN) mixer in accordance with the colors: red and white for audio, yellow, video signal. The included cable-3xRCA 3xRCA plug in one hand mixer output (OUT), and on the other input of the TV - which is where you originally ran the cable coming out of the DVD. The mixer is connected to the power supply, the microphones to the mixer, put a DVD disc with karaoke and we can get going.

- computer
Connect to the mixer karaoke microphones. Mixer to the mains supply. 2x chinch-cable stereo mini jack cable (must be purchased separately) to connect from one side to the output (OUT) mixer (chinch), on the other hand (stereo mini jack) to the microphone input of your computer or laptop. Now just run the appropriate software for karaoke and get going.

- HDMI home theater
If your home cinema equipment or DVD drive is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, you must connect a karaoke refer to par. the second, and so with the appropriate cable to connect the mixer output (OUT) to the microphone input of the player or TV amplitunera. In these devices, a microphone input is usually a big jack or mini jack - so here you must use the appropriate cable (large jack - 2x RCA or mini jack - 2x RCA).

Our system includes a complete cable 3xRCA-3x RCA (RCA) - sufficient to the basic connection. For other configurations, use the appropriate cables, which are not included in the kit. Most of these kits available on the market has no cables.

-Technical Specifications:
2 x Microphone
1x video input
1 x Music
echo control for 2 microphones
Power supply: 110-240 VAC power adapter
Input Power: 12 Vdc
Dimensions: 140x85x40 mm
Weight: 1.45 kg

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