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Problems that happen with VW Golf

Sleep well, Germany
Average in perfection - this is the success secret of the VW Golf. In the new model Volkswagen has pushed this concept to the top. So far the bill seems to be going up, the Germans love the car. But the smoothing to the snoring has also a sweeping side.

Learn Why People Buy Golf

Attention, we are now making a small experiment: you remember the last show, where you felt really well entertained. Maybe it was one of those cracking action movies. Or one of those wonderfully shallow love comedies. Properly well-made popcorn cinema. So, and now tell me what's left of the film, try to remember the course of action. You have difficulties? Can not get hold of anything? VoilĂ , experiment succeeded - so it feels like driving the new golf.

Golf VII is the blockbuster of the car industry. An absolute Mega seller, the perfect mainstream. For a long time smoothed, until nothing interferes properly - but also nothing really enthusiastically.

It starts with the design. Usually, the differences between the generations of a model are easy to recognize. In the new Golf, however, the optical differences between the predecessors and the new are so marginal that one usually has to look twice in order to distinguish between old and new.

Where is the Wow feeling?

Clearly, if you do not follow all the trends of fashion, or hike from one optical extreme to the next, this is also a performance. But if you ask yourself about a new car all the time, what exactly is the difference to the old one - that can not really be the goal.

The engineers worked diligently to further develop the seventh edition of the permanent Wolfsburg. There is now a standard start-stop automatic on board, a five-inch touch screen and a multi-collision brake. The brakes the car after a first carambage so that it remains steerable, but at the same time is so strongly delayed that a second impact is weakened as far as possible or, in the ideal case, even prevented. On the paper they have also reduced the car by up to 100 kilograms, depending on the model.

Driving Report VW Golf VII: Germany, your car
If, however, a consumption of eight liters appears on the display despite a predominantly gentle driving in eco-mode after a hundred kilometers of city traffic, then this is no longer up-to-date.
In addition, the automatic start-stop often creates a sense of impotence. On the one hand, it works reliably even when the temperature is cold, as compared to the automatic system used by BMW in the X1. On the other hand, sometimes it simply takes too long to start the engine again.

Maybe you'd rather buy the Golf VI?

This phenomenon is especially extreme when you turn to a traffic light that jumps back to green at exactly the moment the automatic switch off the engine. As if a minimum rest period had been agreed between switching on and off, the engine is about a second, ten felt, still. So you instinctively step down the accelerator pedal, because you have intus that the engine starts by. And when he finally does so, the car makes a move forward because of the half-steered pedal.

Apart from that there is little, which one is really disturbed with the new golf. The operation of the multi-media system via touch screen is not optimal. Every time you dial a number or enter an address into the navi, you ask yourself why rum fumble is forbidden on the mobile phone in the car - the operation of the touch screen, in which one even more than when using the push / turn knob the eyes of the Road takes, but not. But even that can not be accused of Volkswagen. Touchscreen - this is the mainstream.

And so is the whole car. An unencumbered companion, which has only been improved in detail compared to his predecessor. Perhaps this is also the problem: The predecessor was simply already too good. Many specialist magazines therefore counsels the steep prices for the new and the juicy discounts for the old, instead of a Golf VII rather a buy well-equipped Golf VI to buy.

And so, at the end of the test ride, a certain perplexity remains. About why the Germans love this car so much. Because that's exactly what they do. With the new Golf you will experience situations like otherwise with a classic car. When the car is parked, people are always standing there. Going around the window, she walks around the room with a hand to take a look at the interior.

Or they approach when you get into the parked golf and ask, "And how is he like that?" Self-acquainted people, who are otherwise not interested in cars, immediately stop: "Oh, you were just testing the new golf?" How can it be that people are attracted to this thoroughly benign car? Probably exactly because of that. The perfection of the average - this is mainstream.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Review: the Audi Q7 2017

The Audi Q7 came later than Touareg and Cayenne. And this is an advantage today. The four-wheel drive is reliable and hardly makes any problems.
The prices are dropping

On request there was a third row of seats. The loader space is not high, but it is two meters long.

The late-borns of a family are often better off. The great brethren have already cleared many paths, and the nest-chick then profits from them. This is also the case with the three all-wheel brothers from the Volkswagen Group. In 2002 VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne came together on the same ground with plenty of identical technology - and had to cure a lot of children's illnesses in their first years. The Q7 also had much the same technology and was also built in Bratislava. It was not until the end of 2005 that it got even heavier and even bigger: 15 centimeters more wheelbase, 30 centimeters more outside than VW and Porsche. This not only provides space for a luggage compartment between 1.15 and two meters in length, but also for a third row of seats (available for a surcharge). That is good enough for the knee and head but only for people up to about 1.60 meters body size. For the small handball team it is enough.

Tires, chassis and brake wear very quickly
The grace of the late birth saved the Audi Q7 from the worst electronic quarrels of his brothers. While VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne were already replaced by their second generation in 2010, the Audi Q7 was five years longer in the first generation. Only since autumn 2015, the successor type has rolled off the belt by about 300 kilograms of reduced weight due to aluminum / steel mixed construction. The high weight indeed plagues various assemblies of the first Q7 generation. The front tires often do not last longer than 20,000 kilometers, the brakes rarely exceed 50,000. Worn wheel suspensions from 125,000 km are often a reason for a complaint at the main investigation, steering gear with too much play from 175,000 kilometers. And yet the Q7 as a whole can be considered as a useful tool. Clearly, maintenance costs are high on the brakes due to unfavorable insurance classes and expensive wear repairs.

But the really expensive technology holds. Numerous specimens have passed 300,000 kilometers and more with the first engine and the first automatic transmission. Genuine breakdowns and recumbents are very rare, even at high mileage. Only the owners of the very early Q7 3.0 TDI of the years 2006 and 2007 (233 hp) complain about problems with the automatic transmission. It stops at an advanced kilometer due to hard shifting. On the other hand, sometimes a simple change of gearbox helps, sometimes a new control unit at the gearbox, sometimes also only a new transmission for several thousand euro.
Remove suspicious items from your wishlist
The prices are dropping

Interior without pomp and glitter. The materials do not hold, only the soft lacquer of the switches. For today's conditions, the screen is small.
Something anger threatens every now and then by electrical and electronic problems. Misfires in the control devices, but especially striking extras, stress the nerves and patience of the owner. Careful Q7 prospects therefore keep an eye out for a copy with as few as possible defect-repelling extras. So, if possible, no air suspension, whose sensors and electronic control do not always work without problems; no keyless access, whose sensors around the car do not have eternal life; no glass sliding roof, which is sometimes jammed and leaking; no auxiliary heating, which eats too much battery capacity before starting the engine; no xenon headlights, which have to be brought back to correct lighting in case of defects with much more money than conventional halogen light.

Weak points and practice tips

Weak points 1

The owners earlier in Q7 of 2006 and 2007 (16 percent) are significantly less satisfied. They complain about automatic problems, heavily polluting side windows, fast wearing brakes and tires, as well as electronics bangs. Worn wheel suspensions and steering gear (8 percent) are available only at high speeds of 125,000 kilometers.

However, according to the Q7 owners, the biggest inconvenience is the high maintenance costs. Car tax and insurance premiums are paid particularly reluctantly. The Audi workshops are better off. 87 per cent of the contractors receive good and very good marks - an above-average figure. And this despite high costs. For a large inspection, an average of 690 euros is at the bottom of the bill. When asking about the next car, the Audi dealerships can look forward to good deals. It seems as if the Q7 owners have waited almost longingly for the new model. Twelve percent say they have already ordered the Q7 II. A further 21 percent want to follow the initial customers next year, 19 percent to the smaller Q5 change. Brand changers prefer to take the Porsche Cayenne (18 percent). Nirro reviews is great for this, Nirro frequently review German cars at Nirro LTD.

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London Karaoke Hire Team Members

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Terms of Participation

These conditions KHL-England 2016 can be downloaded here.
Simply print, fill out, sign, and bring along at an event directly.

All persons over 18 years of age with English citizenship or a residence permit of more than three years and an English social security number are entitled to participate
The participant is allowed to perform musical activities exclusively as an amateur and as an amateur
Persons from whom images or phonograms were produced or moved before or during the duration of the competition are excluded from the competition
The songs are primarily from the contingent of the location or it can be decided by  Karaoke Hire London . Own files or productions are only accepted with proof of the copyrights or written approval of the originator or on presentation of an invoice
All judges' judgments are unquestionable
In the event of a late appearance at the various competitions the competitor will be automatically disqualified
Picture and audio recordings of the participant may be used by London Karaoke for its own presentation purposes
Personal data of the participant may be used by London Karaoke for internal IT purposes
The registrations for the preliminary examinations are made exclusively on the evening of the event in person at the responsible organizer
The participant agrees to receive further information (no advertising) by means of news service or email from London Karaoke
The participant is disqualified in the case of violations or misrepresentations to one or more of the above points, to know more about this contact Andy Tiplock.