Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good shop for motorcycle accessories?

I wonder if anybody can help me?  I’m looking for a good motorcycle accessories shop as I've a string of things I must buy. The wicedratgus.ihonda may be an option, they operate in the Bristol area, although their website is not up and running they have a large amount of stock in their showroom and they’re in the process of structuring everything so that their customers can easily find what they’re looking for. I welcome tips from anybody.

I've recently been thinking about buying a scooter, the make which keeps coming to mind is piaggio, I guess one of the reasons is they've been around for so long and they've a reputation for reliability and companies like the motorcycle service centre who-repair them.

I know there’re many businesses which are starting out in the motorcycle trade, and many of them are good, but personally like a shop with experience behind them. It’s nice when a shop assistant selling motorcycle accessories knows his stock well enough to suggest several valued alternatives when the item you want is not in stock.

Some things take time to master, and personally I think many of the new shop assistants in the motorcycle parts and clothing do not have the training to know the stock well enough to have multiple valuable alternatives at a time when you’re in need. I love doing research before I buy.

I do not advise others to follow me it’s just a matter of-personal choice.
I’m on the lookout to purchase good motorcycle clothing for the winter, and for the summer, as well as some lubricants with a reputation like WD40.

When it’s your goal to have a good collection of useful items it takes time to compile the list, what I want is a list of items that I will frequently use.
Do you know of any good Motorcycle accessories shops in the UK you can recommend?

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