Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Longing to be in a

As we run into one problem or another in life the thought does strike us if we could find the ultimate happiness. People have spoken about the internal life and living on heaven and those have said if such a thing does exist sex would be a thing of the past. Problems in life with an argumentative partner can often put you off sex. I came a across a link in the Directory/Property which somehow lead to me putting this point in question or is it just a thought which circulates my thoughts daily? I guess that would be a more accurate description if I were to sketch some of the course of events which come to my mind.

I am looking for a change in life perhaps selling my House to the Property Guru would give me the ultimate cash flow and allow me to participate in deeper travelling adventures with the intention to find the ultimate happiness. I recall a lady who came to England from Poland to get me as her heart felt she wanted me so badly I eventually lived with her and moved out even they I was still in a relationship with her I was living just 1km away from her home yet she struggled to ever pay me more than a few visits whatever excuse she may give for the reasons its a big change of heart whichever way you look at it.

Being a hyperactive character I sleep much less than the normal person as I am always keen to learn and always work at bettering my education as well as stimulate my business of Web Marketing and increase business as the SEO Consultant I am driven by learning but despite being ambitious about these things a cloud is hanging over me with so many negative issues surrounding my life. Fortunately I am working on turning them around and seem to be getting closer to that objective

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UK Police will do anything

I was sitting down in McDonald's Kilburn High Road London UK NW6, next to me sat a lady who had her handbag stolen by a person she was able to identify, however the person ran away out into the streets disappearing past the headquarters of the NHB.

Someone from the management section of macs called the Police and they came to investigate. Despite the woman give a clear description of the man and saying that he had run away, they saw me sitting there and said to her, "are you sure it was not him" as we can arrest him if you want? Saying it to the lady once was not good enough the corrupted lying Policeman were willing charge an innocent man and then pressure him into confessing to a crime he knew nothing about. There mere fact they can do so shows you the volume of dishonest Policeman at work today in the UK and because those men who did a 2 and half year training course suddenly these men can stair the direction and destiny of an innocent man.

There are many good policemen and we do need them, but if they are there to fortify evidence and just because they are Policemen get away with it, what good are they? Many people who serve on the Jury have faith in their word much more than the evidence that is placed in front of them. The other ugly thing about them amongst woman the are a bunch of sissy's they believe the biggest liar of a woman and always take here word over the most innocent man. Policemen should be bought to justice more often and serve a prison sentence on top of that the prison inmates should be notified that a former Policeman is in the Prison.

Perhaps then they would consider charging innocent people as well as investigate a case thoroughly before they charge people. Many Policemen would be better off as being a criminal as that is what they are except in uniform or even better, try and be a sales assistant for the NHB.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Digg my way into search

I love websites I love information and sometimes I use the four main Search engines as favoured by the SEO Consultant these search engines are listed in order of quality 1 to 4 in my opinion, firstly is Google, Yahoo, Msn, now known as Bing, and Ask. Its wise not to get hung up on one search engine only. Lets say you have an obscure product which you which to find some information on you could find yourself not finding any information on it from Google but when you try Yahoo it responds to your keyworded related search also with some useful information and the same can happen with Bing or Ask through Google is king overhaul its always better to be flexible.

I like when a website contains lots of useful content and has useful links which are related to the subject but take us deeper into understanding the subject, a site does not have to be attractive but well planned as navigation is essential especially when your site is enriched with countless products such as Amazon.

Why not do some research and see what you think? Often people are far to lazy to even turn to the next page for a search its as though they have it planted into their head that all you need to find has to be on the first page of any search engine. First place does not nean it willl have what you want.

My way to Claremont High

I can recall an event when I was a child it was a time when the property company known as the National Homebuyers were knocking on the doors asking people if they wanted to sell their home. Despite their interest another life was going on. I had recalled that 2 buses could have me on route for my first solo school journey, these were the 79 and 79a which went most of the journey but memory had slipped how many stops before Kingsbury Roundabout should I get off?

Well I tried and after a bit of a wild goose chase I found the school and was on time to participate in my first lesson. This school changed over the years during my time of going there it had established itself as a good school and if I recall correctly my brother Marlon had heard of it by some mutual friends of ours.

We lived close to a School known as Alperton High which was known for the bullies that went there as well as anti social behaviour conducted frequently by numerous kids which went there and this reflected bad on the whole school through there were many good children who went there it was for certain of no appeal to me or my brother, and looking back I am extremely happy we never went to that school.

Big Book of Apple Hacks

Apple is a great source for computers in fact all the products made by apple are great, for the example the iphone, the iBook, and of course the notorious ipod known for its solid sound production as well as great video playback, and not to forget it cuts out a DJ having to drive to a club with a trunk load of CDs or Records. Further more one can with a simple divice listen to music in their car connected to an iPod and it will deliver an unbelievable sound. But mentioning these few things is really just a whisper of the apple products capabilities problem is where do you begin to look learn how?