Saturday, August 6, 2011

Great Lyrics written by Paul Weller

Paul Weller has written some great songs the Lyrics: A town called Malice is a good example of not only good lyrics but a good song as the in summary intelligent lyrics combined with good music.

Despite many years going by, in fact almost 20 years has gone by since the song was written in 1982. When I listen to the song a town called malice by the Jam now in 2011 it still sounds fresh and innovative. Since its recording Weller has played the song many times as a solo artist, he even did a bass,drums and guitar and vocals version which he played on acoustic guitar.

If you like the Jam, Weller and his music then I'm sure the one of your favourite songs written by him is a town called malice.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recollecting a few negative thoughts

I had recently been looking back on a few things in life something which I do very often and sometimes the things we recall are good and some bad. I can a person called Anna K

Students: Bass Lessons, by Hansel Thomas

One person who is worth his weight in gold teaching bass guitar is UK’sSunday 3.40 AM on May 2nd 2014: Hansel Thomas Thomas's has proven to have a solid impact on all students who have attended his highly intuitive bass classes.
His very creative Bass has had a huge impact on all his Bass students who want to understand the Bass in every respect. Perhaps you’re playing your Bass daily but find that your progress is slow if this sound’s like you, help is here from Mr Thomas.
His bass technique goes into site reading as well as bass music theory. One has to remember he is requested by many of the most famous artist all over the world in fact as Thomas demand is so high he is unable to take on all the Bass work which is on offer to him. Thomas can help better your bass playing.

Guitar Lesson II: Why I Endorse Weller

In my professional career giving a Guitar Lesson to a verity of students of all ages and on different levels of education has proven to be an advantage to my teaching ability and has increased the outcome of the success my students have in different areas as a guitarist. I am 100% dedicated in every respect and I feel my efforts are paying off as well as I've become one of the countries most respected teachers.