Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Passion for riding different Motorcycles

As a child motorcycles had always carried an appeal to me for various reasons and even to this day in 2010 they still do. Recently I read an article at honda which stimulated some old memories.

I have been riding bikes since the age of 3 I started riding motorcycles from the age of around 10. Their architecture and the mechanical engineering features had always stimulated my curiosity and I would constantly go into shops and ask for broacher's relating to the bikes which held an interest to me.

Once you understand them and what you want from them the whole world of mechanical engineering becomes very fascinating and you begin to appreciate the technology which went behind the outcome of them. Sites like the Two Mile Jam have said at some point they will add them to the two mile jam but one cant be sure when this will appear on the website of the two mile jam.

This was a passion I felt confident would follow me for all my life however time has gone by and now I seldom even look at motorcycles, I still enjoy watching the races and I also appreciate skilful motorcycle riders. One of the first bikes I rode was a Honda Scooter.

Long live the passion for Motorcycle riding!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anna kolczynska

Anna kolczynska is a-woman I was in a relationship with who was full of many nice words but few of them carried any truth. In life one should never rely on what people say, the greatest test of any persons words is time, in this respect kolczynska failed me miserably.

Often as a child people think they will marry and have a family and live happily ever after although it would be nice the sad reality is this is seldom true. One sure sign of a character who is not sincere is one who always feels passionate about the next person, in addition to that their reasons for feeling this way comes easily.

Another sure sign of a bad destiny is being with a person who believes their own lies and is insistent on playing the victim, in fact the signs of a bad person are in front of our eyes from the very beginning but many people just don't see it till the bitter end.