Friday, January 29, 2016

Technical Overview - not as scary

Each car must periodically undergo technical tests. It is an absolute necessity to get another stamp in the registration. So keep an eye on the date of the next visit. Did you know, however, how it should look like a typical overview? Do not be fooled and make sure that the service was performed comprehensively. Only then will you be sure that your car is working one hundred percent.

If you just bought a car in the living room, you do not have to worry about technical studies - have to be carried out after three years from the date of first registration. Another review takes place two years after the first, and again every year. The situation is different in the case of cars with gas installation - even if they are new, have to undergo testing each year.

Most of the drivers does not like technical inspection of vehicles - they are associated rather negatively. We fear that in the course of the study are found numerous faults, resulting not get the required stamps. One should not, however, look at the issue in this way. The main task of the technical review of the car is, after ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. Fault detected in vehicle inspection station can prevent serious accidents in the future and it is worth remembering.

What happens if you missed the review date? You should immediately go to the site to get a stamp. If you meet traffic control, police stopped the registration certificate, and you will receive a receipt for seven days - the time you need to conduct a study of the car in the regional control station. On the connivance of law enforcement officers you can only count up to several days in case of missing the deadline - but everything depends on the particular officer. After the test with positive results receive a certificate valid for one month, from which you can recover your registration card. It is worth remembering, because the car without a valid technical inspection, which took part in a collision or accident, as a rule, is considered the one that contributed to the event (even if everything proves the guilt of another driver). You can then forget about compensation from the insurance policy.

What is the technical examination of a vehicle control station? First, it is checked body - diagnostician will look headlights and windshield. Any cracks or lack of transparency associated with a negative outcome of the review. While the burned out light bulbs must be replaced on the spot. Station worker can also attach themselves to hard rusty bodywork. Then checked by rolls brakes and on a shaker play in suspension and steering. Tires are another point of control - treads on the same axis must be identical. Excessive consumption is associated with a failure of the review. Auto must also undergo an analysis flue gas leakage control and exhaust system. At the end of the diagnostic check safety features such as seat belts, wipers, or the horn.

What if the vehicle fails the test? In this case, you will get a list of faults and you'll have 14 days to repair. Then you return to the vehicle inspection stations and again undergo the procedure - but if you go back to the same proven to be only items that have not undergone the review.