Friday, December 19, 2014

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Friend has some luck

A little while back I was helping some friends who work for Obslimted in Southall to buy a house, in the borough of Ealing, they want to buy in the Southall location, not for me, but we-all have different taste. I asked a few work colleagues who work for pins property if they had any knowledge of any below market value property.

It seems we were in luck, we came across a person who was looking-for a fast house sale and he had only  recently recently modernised the home with the likes of Vaillant in London and Bosh as well as modernised the floors in every room. We went to visit the home in Southall and I was very surprised at its high standard.

We knew the homeowner was looking for a cash buyer but he did not want to drop his price a long way below the market value of the property in Southall. As my friend immediately fell in love with the house which was located on what we refer to as a desirable street to live on, it is in a cul de sac and very few people live on the street and all the houses on the street are fully detached, you really could not ask for much more.

Being hasty to purchase house can work against you, but sometimes things can happen fast and if you’ve the money it’s a bonus, in my friends case he want to buy a property in this area, his second choice was somewhere in Greenford. Time-and-patience in most cases pays off but so does luck!