Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where is notepad yahoo mail?

For some unknown reason Yahoo notepad email has removed the link from within their web email to notepad yahoo mail, In addition to that, they seem to be doing all they can to not encourage people to use or find it, Yahoo are showing a lack of customer care, as nobody received an email explaining it's disappearance,

Yahoo notepad mail has been around for years to just suddenly remove the link without considering it's value to the customers who have been using it for many years shows nothing more than selfishness.

Directors of yahoo notepad mail need to be honest I’m sure they know exactly how many members use notepad, removing the link to notepad and not mentioning a word is nothing short of bad management.

Yahoo, why can’t you be honest to your users? Big corporate  companies who act unfairly should give their customers an explanation, yahoo should be no exception from that conduct.
Yahoo notepad mail  URL is here   =

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