Thursday, February 21, 2013

My little LA drive: Via Limousine

I’ve always wanted to test drive a Limousine as a passenger and I finally tried it.
- I took a trip to LA and I want to be driven around like special man in many different places, I tried and they turned out to be more rewarding than ever, they took me an extensive trip all over the place Orange County is a good place to be driven through and as a passenger who likes to check out the good things in different parts of the world I was completely thrilled to be watching TV whilst being chauffeur driven.
- It’s amazing just how much impact watching TV has on the world, as a child my big dream was the USA, however when I saw their crime rate and nature of the petty issues which caused people to feel the situation could come to life and death I took a complete U-turn from this.
- However despite those negatives bits of air blowing in the wind during my time I had a Orange County drive in comfort such pessimistic views completely left my mind and I able to consume the world as a very loving caring place.

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