Thursday, February 7, 2013

Business Destroyers

I just love it when new companies come into circulation especially the ones like National Homebuyers flats, the reason is simple they’ve so much to compete with but despite that they know where the other businesses are going wrong so what they do is capitalize on their mistakes and use it to their advantage, this type of thing happens on a daily Basis not just with National Homebuyers flats but with companies as big as IBM and Microsoft, the business battles is one till the end. One of the comical things which happen was when Apple Mac sued Bill Gates despite the fact that he owns over 20% shares in apple mac.

In fact people were trying to sue Bill Gates left right and centre, they were always finding a reason why they should sue him, Borland, Aol are only to name a few. So even when you’re way on top in business the battle does not end. One of the things which never fail to amaze me is the senseless uncaring cultures who endlessly try to compete with your business in a unacceptable way, for example you’ll have a shop on a street selling flowers, they will come and open up a shop next door to you selling the same thing, this is not uncommon in the UK I see a lot of it down Kilburn high street and many other high streets in the UK, they have no regard for-others.

This type of thing has often been sadly resolved with violence, what I can’t understand is the person who decided to open his business, did he not think that if he did this he would have an impact on the other business? I guess if you’re self centered and one track mined it’s hard to see the world outside your own way of thinking, in addition to that their brain must have a small capacity for seeing things outside their own very limited way of thinking.

If you’ve come across business destroyers, please share some insight on how they did damage to the business which you were running. I feel no matter how much time goes by this will never change however if laws were made in society to prevent this from happening it would make life much harder for business destroyers.

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