Sunday, September 2, 2012

I really miss mission impossible

Mission impossible was one of those things which captured my interest as a child; I’m not speaking about the modern day mission impossible I’m speaking with the original mission impossible. Steven Hill was the first head of the team and I only got a chance to know this as I recently-watched the whole series, I watched him play his part and he was great, however being Jewish and religious he left the set as they wanted him to work on Saturdays as a result of this Peter Graves was called in to replace him.

There really was no other name for this series than Mission Impossible as many of things which they did were just that, the-the main members were, Peter Graves,  Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Martin Landau, Peter Lupus, Landau was later replaced by the one-& only Leonard Nimoy known as Spock in the very much love  TV series Star Trek. Nimoy did well whilst making his impersonations which were Landau’s specialty.

As the series progressed new people were introduced in the series however the the actor who played in the most roles was Greg-Morris who sadly has passed away along with Peter Graves and whenever someone was replaced they always found a suited replacement which did not disturb the set.  Mission Impossible use to come on once a week and when the program was over me and my brothers longed for the next week to come so we could watch it again. That’s just how much we loved watching this TV SERIES Mission impossible, I feel the same-today.

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