Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect feeling in the winter

Antikham of past centuries are still today one of the most dominant decorative elements in the room. The fireplace screen can be used as an architectural element or be seen as a decorative element, a sculpture, or as a pure functional object no investment.

Like all followed Antique fireplaces and the evolution of fashion. In which category of Art history, ancient fireplaces fall? Fashion repeats itself, Ancient Fireplaces, as we introduce you to our site are still a popular Architectural or decorative element, in the 21st Century. Antique fireplaces may well be integrated into modern spaces. Antique fireplaces were in earlier times and today, as part of a homogeneous decor considered, themes and coloring for the room. Antique fireplaces developed for design decoration guide. Color and style rooms were increasingly adapted to the fireplace. The fireplace room Today, as then, the center of the community of a property. Man can almost say that the fire developed into a symbol of a lifestyle added. It emerged fireplace furniture veschiedenster kind, be it a cozy Fireside chair, or the bank .. always around the fireplace!

We at Risch head Antiques advise you about antique fireplaces, historic View, to the fireplace design. Do not be alarmed, should the relief not appear from antique fireplaces perfect. have the good bits some experience and can lovingly, as instructed, from stone-perfect Weden restored.

From the Renaissance to Art Deco, the fireplace has changed significantly. This of course, lies at the, was enlarged material selection, and Industrialization. Machinery for the recovery and processing of Processing materials were first developed over the years and perfected. Each geographical region had your strength. Whether Italian marble, or English cast, sand or limestone, wood and Concrete. All of these materials speak for themselves and have your very own character. as individual as the material is decided and the buyer individually suitable for a fireplace.

Who loses not happy by the warm crackling fire, with a book and a Drink of his choice, and switches off from all that everyday so with the brings. Despite changing times, the phenomenon of a blazing open Fire over the centuries have remained unchanged.

Cheer up the chimney