Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank Paul Weller for today’s classic songs


I’ve always been a strong Paul Weller fan and the reason speaks for itself, as a musicians he is awesome. Not that he plays any instrument in an amazing way but he is great with coming out with riffs which sound good in addition to that he is amazing at writing songs of quality. Unlike so many other people who write songs Weller can write an album with many desirable songs.

I first started being a very big fan at the age of 16 and here in my early forties I’m still a Weller fan. If you’ve never heard of Weller I suggest he is well worth checking out and buying his CDs.

There is a popular held belief about his Live Music

Nothing worse than a band who can’t sound like they do on record, Live Music illustrates just how well a band can or cannot play. In this respect we can take a hat off to the man as he sounds just like the record live sometimes even better.

Weller influenced many people to start writing songs as many people relied on covers and seldom could come up with their own songs, ands often when they did write a song it was not nice to listen too. When you listen to Albums Like, In the City, this is the modern world, All Mod Cons and other fabulous Settings Sons, Sound Effects, the gift and numerous b sides like Liza Radley, Dreams of children and the classic song he covered written by Curtis Mayfield its hardly surprising so many people all over the world like his music. All of Weller’s songs are written around the guitar and in all cases the songs sound good on just an acoustic guitar which was illustrated in the album day’s of-speed.

When you listen to a Weller album one of the things which you’ll find hard to do is ask yourself which track do you like best and the reason for this is there is usually a whole album of good songs and if you like his music style in many cases it’s hard to truly have a favorite. Has a writes good lyrics and he always has a good melody to go with song which is written around a nice guitar chord progression.

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