Monday, April 16, 2012

Directory of very good musicians

Today was a good day I was researching how to go about structuring a website for very good musicians. There are a large list of musicians available who offer their services the problem is their not all of the same quality and in many areas they lack musical understanding and their site reading skills fall way short when needed.

The thought struck me that it would be great if there was a directory of session musicians from all over the world that you could call upon every time that you need them, but not only where they in the directory they could live up to what they say they can do.Update at 03:40 AM on May 25 2014: H. Thomas is a good example of such work, if you like blues then you could try Nile West

There is no end to the possibilities this directory could have, one could even add some youtube demos for verity.

New Job!

I’ve been thinking of making a change of work and in doing so it’s been great fun. One of the reasons it’s been fun is the options which I have. However before I make a hasty decision I need to stop and think. Many people have dived into a job only to regret it quickly. The choice of work which I have is related to contract work within the area of computer programming related to controlling hardware.

One of things which I did for IBM was program the software for motherboards, I also did programming for various other pieces of hardware which was unique to IBM only applications. Something which never reaches the public was often called upon by me to modify and to see it worked better to serve the company needs. It’s a real different kettle of fish when you work for a corporate company in the way they work as well as the level of professionalism, also when they need something which is important to them they go for it and they don’t try to cut short on money and inundate you with a list of excuses something frequently exercised by small unknown companies.

I feel which ever direction I finally take the services I offer will be a great value.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy mn-mn-money

I recently heard from a company they were expanding their work flow with me which naturally means more money and more work. I always welcome more work as I know it means more money. I guess the eventual goal is to have a better life and higher standard of living and above all be happy. I guess it makes no difference what your future objective are more money means more spending whichever way you look at it. Unless of course you one of these people that does not like to spend his own money but likes others spending their money on you. There once was a lady who had £2,000,000 in the bank yet always borrowed neighbors phone making a long distance calls to Australia.

I hope everyone gets more money!


Basil the cat is a cute cat who likes sleeping on the bed and just cant stop being curios each and every time you open the fridge he comes running over to see if you have a bite for him, his favorite is chicken a paprika he makes a special sound when things are desirable to him. One of the things which does very often is take a piece of meat he likes to the carpet he does this is it does not slide.

Q: Heh. Did you get a talking to?
A: No, I haven’t. Hopefully I never will.

Q: Why are you doing this now?
A: it is possible. If I say something stupid in the future, it’s better to be able to point out that the stupidity is mine, and mine alone. My foolishness! You can’t have it!

Hate-loaded Waiter

I recently went into a restaurant in Poland with my girlfriend and her mother and the idea of going was to have a good pizza. One of the things which came to my attentions was the coldness of the waiter towards me. When this happens the waiter is forgetting his job and the reasons as to why he is working there in the first place. Waiters that let their emotions rule their job contributing to putting restaurant’s out of business. It’s a sad reality but unfortunately to frequently practiced.

I hope in time that situations like mine will decline.

Can you train your brain?

(Just a quickie post.)

The more I see from the brain training books which I’ve been recently been reading is more brain training fascinates me. I’m a computer programmer however recently I had been feeling a little down and felt I needed something to give me a kick start.

I came across a very good book which I finally decided to put it into practice by purchasing a book written by DR KAWASHIMA called TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. I can tell you I am trying several of the exercises and they truly work.