Sunday, September 30, 2012

Try Walking

How often do people get used to a form of transport that they just refuse to walk anywhere? This is a common occurrence with many people. They become so used to driving a car or riding a bike and when they do try walking it’s too hard.
There is a very simple way around this problem and all you need to do is introduce new changes in your life, for example why drive a car or ride a bike to the local shops when it's only a few hundred meters away? If it really bothers you that you don’t walk anywhere then take my simple bit of advice, try walking to more local places and then slowly but surely introduce longer walks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Helping guitar players become better

John Mizarolli a UK guitarist who claims to have taught in access of over 27,000 students, in addition to that he has been playing the guitar for over 45 years.

If you like the guitar and you would like to play it them Mizarolli can help you. Its no secret there is no end to teachers all over the world the question is how many of them actually deliver what they say they can? If you admire the skills within the area of Improvisation then you need a teacher who can not only do this himself but is able to teach you what he knows. After almost 5 decades teaching I think John is a good source for guitarist on-all levels

I’ve known musicians attending classes for many years yet when you hear them play you would think they’ve only been playing guitar for a short while and the reason is simple, they never progress. A good teacher should be able to identify your lack of progression and give you some exercises to rectify this problem. Sadly in every single type of money making jobs many people are completely uncaring towards you and the only thing the care about is getting your money quick.

One sure thing if you like the guitar you can always test if it’s for you by booking a lab school.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I really miss mission impossible

Mission impossible was one of those things which captured my interest as a child; I’m not speaking about the modern day mission impossible I’m speaking with the original mission impossible. Steven Hill was the first head of the team and I only got a chance to know this as I recently-watched the whole series, I watched him play his part and he was great, however being Jewish and religious he left the set as they wanted him to work on Saturdays as a result of this Peter Graves was called in to replace him.

There really was no other name for this series than Mission Impossible as many of things which they did were just that, the-the main members were, Peter Graves,  Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Martin Landau, Peter Lupus, Landau was later replaced by the one-& only Leonard Nimoy known as Spock in the very much love  TV series Star Trek. Nimoy did well whilst making his impersonations which were Landau’s specialty.

As the series progressed new people were introduced in the series however the the actor who played in the most roles was Greg-Morris who sadly has passed away along with Peter Graves and whenever someone was replaced they always found a suited replacement which did not disturb the set.  Mission Impossible use to come on once a week and when the program was over me and my brothers longed for the next week to come so we could watch it again. That’s just how much we loved watching this TV SERIES Mission impossible, I feel the same-today.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Musicians vs the world

A few friends who I know believe musicians have the best brain everywhere worldwide Ken Sproul a college professor such comments are-nothing short of nonsense Another musician who is a Guitar Teacher believes its true as his is clearly not a well educated man and such rumors make him feel something very unreal.
Where and why such thoughts come about are always unknown to me, but how often to you here “they said” or “he said” or I heard? I guess such claims stimulate the daily-gossip.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect feeling in the winter

Antikham of past centuries are still today one of the most dominant decorative elements in the room. The fireplace screen can be used as an architectural element or be seen as a decorative element, a sculpture, or as a pure functional object no investment.

Like all followed Antique fireplaces and the evolution of fashion. In which category of Art history, ancient fireplaces fall? Fashion repeats itself, Ancient Fireplaces, as we introduce you to our site are still a popular Architectural or decorative element, in the 21st Century. Antique fireplaces may well be integrated into modern spaces. Antique fireplaces were in earlier times and today, as part of a homogeneous decor considered, themes and coloring for the room. Antique fireplaces developed for design decoration guide. Color and style rooms were increasingly adapted to the fireplace. The fireplace room Today, as then, the center of the community of a property. Man can almost say that the fire developed into a symbol of a lifestyle added. It emerged fireplace furniture veschiedenster kind, be it a cozy Fireside chair, or the bank .. always around the fireplace!

We at Risch head Antiques advise you about antique fireplaces, historic View, to the fireplace design. Do not be alarmed, should the relief not appear from antique fireplaces perfect. have the good bits some experience and can lovingly, as instructed, from stone-perfect Weden restored.

From the Renaissance to Art Deco, the fireplace has changed significantly. This of course, lies at the, was enlarged material selection, and Industrialization. Machinery for the recovery and processing of Processing materials were first developed over the years and perfected. Each geographical region had your strength. Whether Italian marble, or English cast, sand or limestone, wood and Concrete. All of these materials speak for themselves and have your very own character. as individual as the material is decided and the buyer individually suitable for a fireplace.

Who loses not happy by the warm crackling fire, with a book and a Drink of his choice, and switches off from all that everyday so with the brings. Despite changing times, the phenomenon of a blazing open Fire over the centuries have remained unchanged.

Cheer up the chimney

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Myth of love

We all set out to find happiness in the world and perhaps have a wife and children and above all be happy with them, sad reality is it’s anything but-easy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thank Paul Weller for today’s classic songs


I’ve always been a strong Paul Weller fan and the reason speaks for itself, as a musicians he is awesome. Not that he plays any instrument in an amazing way but he is great with coming out with riffs which sound good in addition to that he is amazing at writing songs of quality. Unlike so many other people who write songs Weller can write an album with many desirable songs.

I first started being a very big fan at the age of 16 and here in my early forties I’m still a Weller fan. If you’ve never heard of Weller I suggest he is well worth checking out and buying his CDs.

There is a popular held belief about his Live Music

Nothing worse than a band who can’t sound like they do on record, Live Music illustrates just how well a band can or cannot play. In this respect we can take a hat off to the man as he sounds just like the record live sometimes even better.

Weller influenced many people to start writing songs as many people relied on covers and seldom could come up with their own songs, ands often when they did write a song it was not nice to listen too. When you listen to Albums Like, In the City, this is the modern world, All Mod Cons and other fabulous Settings Sons, Sound Effects, the gift and numerous b sides like Liza Radley, Dreams of children and the classic song he covered written by Curtis Mayfield its hardly surprising so many people all over the world like his music. All of Weller’s songs are written around the guitar and in all cases the songs sound good on just an acoustic guitar which was illustrated in the album day’s of-speed.

When you listen to a Weller album one of the things which you’ll find hard to do is ask yourself which track do you like best and the reason for this is there is usually a whole album of good songs and if you like his music style in many cases it’s hard to truly have a favorite. Has a writes good lyrics and he always has a good melody to go with song which is written around a nice guitar chord progression.

Do people ever consider what dangers could be living at home?

1. Perhaps I am just old fashioned or I am not up to date with the way of thinking with the modern world here in 2012 but owning-an albino python in my opinion is very dangerous and the reason I-think is what could we do if were alone and it attacked-us?

It would be great to hear from an albino python owner who can tell me what he or she did under such circumstances. Of course there are those who have owned one for many years, places like youtube have countless videos of albino python owners and the impression they give is a positive reflection of the snake. From my point of view, why own an animal that can be dangerous and when it does decide to be it would take several people to put it fully under control?

2. Sure its all well and good to show your friends and neighbors how nice it is when is around your neck however on youtube I’ve seen a video where it took over 5 police officers to struggle and restrain one anaconda, check it out here. Now it’s common sense if it takes that many police to restrain a powerful anaconda 5 meters long how much different would it be with a albino python? Sadly when many python owners have no longer have any use for the snake as it grows to big for a human to manage they endanger others.

The do this by dumping the snake in a large park nearby something which has proven to be a big problem in America. I once was in the UK and I heard a large animal moving at speed through the forest, I have no idea what it was as it was dark but I am sure a cruel snake owner with no thought for others life foolishly dumped a huge snake. It would be interested to-see-the owner would get on with the snake in-a fight.

3. The law should make it that all snakes have a chip inside of it and that nobody can buy a snake without a license, and if he or she sells it or it dies they should show proof, if they could do this, it would restrict people dumping them off and endangering children and adults. After all if an experienced owner can’t handle a large snake what chance would somebody have who knows nothingAboutSnakes?

I think snakes can be an interesting exotic pet to own providing you can control them fully. Snakes like green three pythons, and reticulated pythons and boa constrictors do not fall into that category of safety. Recently in the USA a Burmese python killed his owner, the snake was found wrapped around the man and the snake had a lot of stab wounds in it where he obviously tried to kill it when it attacked him, however in his attempts to do so he was unsuccessful. Neighbors said he use to HaveTheSnake AroundHisNeck.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Directory of very good musicians

Today was a good day I was researching how to go about structuring a website for very good musicians. There are a large list of musicians available who offer their services the problem is their not all of the same quality and in many areas they lack musical understanding and their site reading skills fall way short when needed.

The thought struck me that it would be great if there was a directory of session musicians from all over the world that you could call upon every time that you need them, but not only where they in the directory they could live up to what they say they can do.Update at 03:40 AM on May 25 2014: H. Thomas is a good example of such work, if you like blues then you could try Nile West

There is no end to the possibilities this directory could have, one could even add some youtube demos for verity.

New Job!

I’ve been thinking of making a change of work and in doing so it’s been great fun. One of the reasons it’s been fun is the options which I have. However before I make a hasty decision I need to stop and think. Many people have dived into a job only to regret it quickly. The choice of work which I have is related to contract work within the area of computer programming related to controlling hardware.

One of things which I did for IBM was program the software for motherboards, I also did programming for various other pieces of hardware which was unique to IBM only applications. Something which never reaches the public was often called upon by me to modify and to see it worked better to serve the company needs. It’s a real different kettle of fish when you work for a corporate company in the way they work as well as the level of professionalism, also when they need something which is important to them they go for it and they don’t try to cut short on money and inundate you with a list of excuses something frequently exercised by small unknown companies.

I feel which ever direction I finally take the services I offer will be a great value.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy mn-mn-money

I recently heard from a company they were expanding their work flow with me which naturally means more money and more work. I always welcome more work as I know it means more money. I guess the eventual goal is to have a better life and higher standard of living and above all be happy. I guess it makes no difference what your future objective are more money means more spending whichever way you look at it. Unless of course you one of these people that does not like to spend his own money but likes others spending their money on you. There once was a lady who had £2,000,000 in the bank yet always borrowed neighbors phone making a long distance calls to Australia.

I hope everyone gets more money!


Basil the cat is a cute cat who likes sleeping on the bed and just cant stop being curios each and every time you open the fridge he comes running over to see if you have a bite for him, his favorite is chicken a paprika he makes a special sound when things are desirable to him. One of the things which does very often is take a piece of meat he likes to the carpet he does this is it does not slide.

Q: Heh. Did you get a talking to?
A: No, I haven’t. Hopefully I never will.

Q: Why are you doing this now?
A: it is possible. If I say something stupid in the future, it’s better to be able to point out that the stupidity is mine, and mine alone. My foolishness! You can’t have it!

Hate-loaded Waiter

I recently went into a restaurant in Poland with my girlfriend and her mother and the idea of going was to have a good pizza. One of the things which came to my attentions was the coldness of the waiter towards me. When this happens the waiter is forgetting his job and the reasons as to why he is working there in the first place. Waiters that let their emotions rule their job contributing to putting restaurant’s out of business. It’s a sad reality but unfortunately to frequently practiced.

I hope in time that situations like mine will decline.

Can you train your brain?

(Just a quickie post.)

The more I see from the brain training books which I’ve been recently been reading is more brain training fascinates me. I’m a computer programmer however recently I had been feeling a little down and felt I needed something to give me a kick start.

I came across a very good book which I finally decided to put it into practice by purchasing a book written by DR KAWASHIMA called TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. I can tell you I am trying several of the exercises and they truly work.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Boxing sport connections

boxing agents helping-potential world class fighters Boxing agents helping potential world class fighters is the place to check out if you’re into sports and have a passion for boxing. After fighting in your local clubs week in and week out you will find there is little hope for you to progress.

One sure way of evaluating this situation is be in contact with right group of people
A good source is your local boxing agents and in all honesty irrespective of your location a good agent will work out something to get boxing agents helping potential world-class-fighters the ball rolling.