Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The myth about London Kilburn NW6

Kilburn London NW6 known for many things some good and some bad. I was recently speaking with a friend outside an old shop Antiques London Kilburn NW6 and we were discussing the times when we would read in the news papers about Kilburn NW6 being one of London's tough spots. However when you live there you don't really have that feeling.

Many people try to condition others with their views and often if we take in every word they say. Without having the experience for yourself you may even believe them. Problems which occur within an area have nothing to do with area itself but the people who live within that area.

Move the wrong people into any prime spot in the world and within a few months it would look like the ghetto. Let no one be your judge, take a look for yourself and draw your own conclusion. This is the only way you can be accurate about your feelings.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lost looking for UrgentSale UK

I’ll be at Urgent Property Sale looking into making some changes also at Give Mark Money team as requested.

Your welcome to come and join me at UrgentProperty UK. or just say hi!