Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Students: Bass Lessons, by Hansel Thomas

One person who is worth his weight in gold teaching bass guitar is UK’sSunday 3.40 AM on May 2nd 2014: Hansel Thomas Thomas's has proven to have a solid impact on all students who have attended his highly intuitive bass classes.
His very creative Bass has had a huge impact on all his Bass students who want to understand the Bass in every respect. Perhaps you’re playing your Bass daily but find that your progress is slow if this sound’s like you, help is here from Mr Thomas.
His bass technique goes into site reading as well as bass music theory. One has to remember he is requested by many of the most famous artist all over the world in fact as Thomas demand is so high he is unable to take on all the Bass work which is on offer to him. Thomas can help better your bass playing.

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  1. I am a found lover of Bass and Guitar improvisation Lessons and one sure way to progress is to attend regular lessons. I’ve seen H. Thomas play with a string full of rock starts including my hero the one and only Paul Weller. I would recommend him to any person serious about playing bass.


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