Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Human Spider

Jason Shellen came to my attention via Wikipedia, there is one way to describe him, he is a human Spider. I mean this in a very positive way. My conclusion came after studying some of his work. I think the way he works is a work of art. If you watch a spider spin a web there is unquestionably a lot of complex engineering going on but despite its simplicity for the spider, 99% of the world would fall flat on their face in an attempt to make its construction work for them. I would compare Shellen's work to that.

Entrepreneur and brain child Shellen, is known for his part in Google Reader as well as his own company Brizzly and Thing labs. I believe thing labs were recently purchased by AOL. Construction and architecture of a business is imperative to success on the web. Mr Shellen continues to revolve with the changes which take place in this area and in fact if you check his site out you will see he is still very much involved with what goes on today here in 2011 and what is coming in the future.

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