Friday, April 8, 2011

Domains Galore, for full disclosure

I find myself loving the internet more and more especially when you think about the unlimited information which keeps coming, new sites like Direct Bikes and Direct Bikes Reviews are only to name a few of some of the many new sites shown up. When you go back in time if we wanted to get something which was needed for our home we would have to search many places and in many cases unsuccessfully.

Let’s take the local estate agent selling property or the hifi shop in your neighbourhood, if you wanted to find out about something which was not in stock the retailer would have to go through a list of books to give you the information. I had been browsing some domains relating to property and some which were appealing were Cash for your house something appealing to anyone wanting a quick house sale others were real estate sites something else very similar was a site called Sell your property fast for cash. It could be Property for sale in Jamaica or information relating to Live Music or Cheap Books UK

Still few people know what is available on the internet. In fact just about any subject you can think of is there. Writers Online is one of them for those who love to write as is Native English Speakers for those wanting to better their spoken English .Or if you want to better your health perhaps you should think of Somatic Coaching or if your into Guitar Improvisation or becoming a better guitarist or just wanting to learn to play the guitar then the Guitar is the palace for you. Those of you loving general blogging could try Thinstop and Houserag. Of course I am only touching the surface as the list is like an unending book page after page which you can keep on turning.

I am having a passion for a broad range of domains here in 2011 and also I like when the architecture of a site is well put together like You Do Something To Me. This is a classic example of simplicity I still need to build a site at mcglashan dot eu as I do for Bad Press and Cash Cheques.

Internet forever!

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