Thursday, February 10, 2011

PC issues which frequently occur

Several technical issues were discussed on various pages of the dealing with repairing faults which frequently occur in companies who rely on computers to do their work. The way they manage data and security is often weak, Questions like which is better for security Linux or Windows? Frequently arise and this is a very debatable answer.

When someone knows Linux well he can give many reasons as to why he thinks it’s better than windows and the same goes for a person who knows windows he also can give you many reasons as to why he thinks windows is better than Linux. A good way to find the answer would be to split test the answer and draw your conclusion.

Archiving data is a frequent discussion as so many people have some real sick ideas as to how they are going to backup their office data. For me personally one of the best backup methods has to be the grand father son method of backing up you can spread your data over Tape, DVD, or Blue Ray. Once you have a good system of using this you will find it to be bullet proof