Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smart engineer hacks my motherboard

With PC Repairs London you can really get to see the difference when compared to others out there claiming to be engineers who we think work in our favor.

The PC Repairs London go into the all areas of repairs tackling Hardware and Software related issues, we will change your Floppy Disk drive or change your Mouse and Keyboards As well as program the most complicated communications system you could dream of yet make it work as simple as ABC. Such valued experience has come to us over a long period of time.

After many years in the Computer business and with a record of repairing well over 2000 computers, dealing with faults such as broken monitors, which needed reconditioning, hard drives which were malfunctioning and needed the Data Recovery techniques implemented, migrating from Windows NT4 to Windows 2000 as well as migrating from Windows XP to Windows Vista or Vista to the up and coming Windows 7 not to forget to mention Linux. The PC Repairs London leave no stones unturned when it comes to imputing their knowledge into a customer’s work, we put our heart and soul into the outcome of customer satisfaction.

If you really want to do know the best way to protect your work and have your files and documents archived in a professional way we can help, you could be a musician or an accountant or a stockbroker for that matter requiring a PC to assist you in your daily duties.

How do I restore my system to normal?
Simply insert the recovery CD we gave you when you first purchased the PC from us, when the screen appears with full system recovery click yes.

What if I recover and it deletes all my data?
Firstly before doing any full system restore you should always make sure you have a backup either on Blu Ray DVD, or CD or some form of external drive. When you insert our system disk The PC Repairs London gave you a full warning with different options of restoring is given and 2 of them do not destroy your data.

What do I do if my Computer will not boot?
One huge mistake often made by many Computer owners is when they do encounter such problems they keep rebooting their PC in hope that by some magical chance this may make the system boot but in their quest for such miracles they only make the situation much worst, the correct thing to do is to switch it off until a qualified member from the PC Repairs London arrives. Allowing yourself such patients as the PC Repairs London can tell you can pay off.

Disclaimer: I am a former IBM engineer now running the PC Repairs London, I am highly skilled in many different areas and have my own idea about work, the methods I adapt do not represent the opinions of my former employer.

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