Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is it Safe to tell-someone

Is it safe to tell someone? Despite were you come from and what type of upbringing you may have you always feel there is something you know and you wish to keep to yourself. Perhaps this info may seem a little like Bad Press but none the less its true.

One of the reasons is its a side of us which we do not wish to reflect to others it does not necessarily have to be about what someone done it could be an insecurity or inadequacy we feel but would never let anyone else know. It would be great if there were someone we could chose to place our trust with.

Is it safe to tell someone? This thought has come to my mind on many occasions, as a young man I recall bumping into a lady who was a friend of an old girlfriend in Baker Street Station London W1, UK, just by chance, at first I had no idea who she was but she recognized me and refreshed my memory as to how I know her, she was quiet hospitable buying me a drink, giving me her number when we parted company after a short drink.

One of the things she quoted was if ever you need to speak with me you can call me anytime. She placed a lot of emphasis on this point. I placed little value on her words but at some point further down the road in my life I took her up on her offer very late at night naturally waking the whole household up she was shouting and screaming at me for doing so despite me saying “you said I can call anytime” Is it safe to tell someone? Or believe their word?

Being middle aged my true conclusion is despite feeling young at heart there is something’s we feel inside, are for ourselves alone. I knew a father of someone who had a philosophy in life “if you have a secret and cannot keep it then why should I keep it” Such people who are emotionless are the worst people to reflect the thoughts in your head as you know the time will come for them to reveal everything which you were avoiding sharing with others without the slightest consideration as to what effect it will have on you.

Do we ever stop to calculate the times we think and ask ourselves is this something we really want anybody else and does this feeling of being closed inside have some contribution to our general mood? Would we be happier people if every time we felt something inside which was bugging us we had to talk it out with someone who would then talk it out with their mother.

I once came across someone dear to me and I often confided in her, but it turned out not to be safe, reason being she grew up with her mother and there was very little kept secret between them and when she had a problem with me that was the time she felt was right to tell her mother the things which were supposedly our secret. I think the more experience we have as we get older is the less we feel we can trust people with things that are precious to our hearts alone.

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