Friday, December 24, 2010

Hampstead London school of music

Updated: 25 May 2014. Do you live in West Hampstead London NW6 or NW3 or perhaps surrounding areas like primrose hill, Swiss cottage, St, john’s wood?

When we really love something it stays with us forever. Lets say your love is for the saxophone at the age of 17 you will find when you close to 40 or older for that matter the passion for that sound still remains. People have found out this at our guitar school.

There are many different styles of playing
- Reggae
- Funk
- Metal
- Improvisation

Its never to late, perhaps you're living in London NW3 & have guitar laying around the house however when you pick it up you can hardly squeeze a note from it then its time to change this by booking a teacher in area. Irrespective of your age every person can learn.

No matter what music you like our one-to-one based learning program that can teach you how to play hundreds of songs, riffs, and licks on the guitar just like the pros. I can help you accomplish this through tablature, video, audio, diagrams, pictures, and easy to follow instructions presented in materials which I give to my students as much as they want. We are by far the best in the this location

 I have many students and they always coming back to me even as independent good players as they know that they won’t find more professional consultations anywhere else.

The Guitar Lessons  Hampstead  NW3 is designed and tested by me personally and are perfect for guitar players of all levels! It's a fun and an effective way to increase your ability to play the guitar quickly. Check out You do Something to me

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