Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UK Police will do anything

I was sitting down in McDonald's Kilburn High Road London UK NW6, next to me sat a lady who had her handbag stolen by a person she was able to identify, however the person ran away out into the streets disappearing past the headquarters of the NHB.

Someone from the management section of macs called the Police and they came to investigate. Despite the woman give a clear description of the man and saying that he had run away, they saw me sitting there and said to her, "are you sure it was not him" as we can arrest him if you want? Saying it to the lady once was not good enough the corrupted lying Policeman were willing charge an innocent man and then pressure him into confessing to a crime he knew nothing about. There mere fact they can do so shows you the volume of dishonest Policeman at work today in the UK and because those men who did a 2 and half year training course suddenly these men can stair the direction and destiny of an innocent man.

There are many good policemen and we do need them, but if they are there to fortify evidence and just because they are Policemen get away with it, what good are they? Many people who serve on the Jury have faith in their word much more than the evidence that is placed in front of them. The other ugly thing about them amongst woman the are a bunch of sissy's they believe the biggest liar of a woman and always take here word over the most innocent man. Policemen should be bought to justice more often and serve a prison sentence on top of that the prison inmates should be notified that a former Policeman is in the Prison.

Perhaps then they would consider charging innocent people as well as investigate a case thoroughly before they charge people. Many Policemen would be better off as being a criminal as that is what they are except in uniform or even better, try and be a sales assistant for the NHB.

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