Saturday, November 21, 2009

My way to Claremont High

I can recall an event when I was a child it was a time when the property company known as the National Homebuyers were knocking on the doors asking people if they wanted to sell their home. Despite their interest another life was going on. I had recalled that 2 buses could have me on route for my first solo school journey, these were the 79 and 79a which went most of the journey but memory had slipped how many stops before Kingsbury Roundabout should I get off?

Well I tried and after a bit of a wild goose chase I found the school and was on time to participate in my first lesson. This school changed over the years during my time of going there it had established itself as a good school and if I recall correctly my brother Marlon had heard of it by some mutual friends of ours.

We lived close to a School known as Alperton High which was known for the bullies that went there as well as anti social behaviour conducted frequently by numerous kids which went there and this reflected bad on the whole school through there were many good children who went there it was for certain of no appeal to me or my brother, and looking back I am extremely happy we never went to that school.

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