Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Longing to be in a

As we run into one problem or another in life the thought does strike us if we could find the ultimate happiness. People have spoken about the internal life and living on heaven and those have said if such a thing does exist sex would be a thing of the past. Problems in life with an argumentative partner can often put you off sex. I came a across a link in the Directory/Property which somehow lead to me putting this point in question or is it just a thought which circulates my thoughts daily? I guess that would be a more accurate description if I were to sketch some of the course of events which come to my mind.

I am looking for a change in life perhaps selling my House to the Property Guru would give me the ultimate cash flow and allow me to participate in deeper travelling adventures with the intention to find the ultimate happiness. I recall a lady who came to England from Poland to get me as her heart felt she wanted me so badly I eventually lived with her and moved out even they I was still in a relationship with her I was living just 1km away from her home yet she struggled to ever pay me more than a few visits whatever excuse she may give for the reasons its a big change of heart whichever way you look at it.

Being a hyperactive character I sleep much less than the normal person as I am always keen to learn and always work at bettering my education as well as stimulate my business of Web Marketing and increase business as the SEO Consultant I am driven by learning but despite being ambitious about these things a cloud is hanging over me with so many negative issues surrounding my life. Fortunately I am working on turning them around and seem to be getting closer to that objective

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