Saturday, November 21, 2009

Digg my way into search

I love websites I love information and sometimes I use the four main Search engines as favoured by the SEO Consultant these search engines are listed in order of quality 1 to 4 in my opinion, firstly is Google, Yahoo, Msn, now known as Bing, and Ask. Its wise not to get hung up on one search engine only. Lets say you have an obscure product which you which to find some information on you could find yourself not finding any information on it from Google but when you try Yahoo it responds to your keyworded related search also with some useful information and the same can happen with Bing or Ask through Google is king overhaul its always better to be flexible.

I like when a website contains lots of useful content and has useful links which are related to the subject but take us deeper into understanding the subject, a site does not have to be attractive but well planned as navigation is essential especially when your site is enriched with countless products such as Amazon.

Why not do some research and see what you think? Often people are far to lazy to even turn to the next page for a search its as though they have it planted into their head that all you need to find has to be on the first page of any search engine. First place does not nean it willl have what you want.

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